Important Information regarding beach tours before May 22, 2017

Recently the Municipality of the County of Cumberland awarded a tender to a construction company to replace the tilted and broken platform/stairs leading to the beach at our site. The new access is expected to be more robust and permanent than our current combination of rock cages and wooden steps.

While construction has not begun yet, it is expected the project will be completed by Victoria Day weekend (May 22), 2017. This is something that we at the Joggins Fossil Centre are very excited about. New beach access will provide a safer way for visitors and locals to explore the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. The new installation is also expected to relieve the need for constant repairs.

While this change is great, it will also lead to some short term growing pains. Currently our beach steps are not safe to traverse, and will likely remain so until installation is complete. During this transition we will not be conducting our traditional 30 minute Wanderers tours, instead we will be providing a greater focus on the museum, providing a self-guided tour booklet, and directions to alternative beach access. We will be conducting our longer tours from an alternative beach access point. We will be posting updates on our Joggins Fossil Cliffs Facebook page once construction begins.

Published: 2017-04-07