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Driving Directions

The first step in planning your trip is making sure you know where we are in Nova Scotia and in relation to highways, bus routes, train stations and airports.


Follow this link for Google Maps and to get directions to the Joggins Fossil Cliffs from your own location Joggins Fossil Cliffs - Google Maps


By Bus and Train

There is a bus depot and train station in Amherst. Please note that Joggins is not currently served by any public transportation and therefore transit to Joggins from Amherst without a vehicle is limited.

By Air

If you are flying into the area the two closest airports are in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick.


From Halifax, Nova Scotia (the Direct Route)

  1. Take the Highway 102 North exit towards Halifax International Airport
  2. Merge onto Provincial Route 102 North (74 km)
  3. Merge onto Trans Canada Highway West (Provincial Route 104 W) via the exit on the left (portions are toll; 98 km)
  4. Take the Highway 2 exit 4 — toward Amherst/Springhill/South Albion Street
  5. Turn left onto Albion Street (Provincial Secondary Route 2). Continue to follow Provincial Secondary Route 2 (2.5 km)
  6. Turn right onto Highway 302, traveling through Nappan (9 km)
  7. Turn right onto Highway 242
  8. Travel through to River Hebert (13 km)
  9. Traveling through River Hebert, up Main Street to Joggins (5 km)

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are located at the very end of Main Street in Joggins.

From Halifax, Nova Scotia (the Scenic Route via the Fundy Shore)

  1. On the Trans-Canada Highway from Halifax at exit 12, keep right onto Ramp (Highway 4/Highway 2/Masstown/Glenholme/Lower Debert)
  2. At stop sign, turn right onto Highway 2
  3. Drive approximately 4 km and access left turning lane, turn left to stay on Highway 2 (Parrsboro, Five Islands)
  4. Stay on Highway 2 for approximately 65 km; this will take you past Great Village, Bass River, Economy, Five Islands and bring you to downtown Parrsboro
  5. At the stop sign, turn right to stay on Highway 2 (drive approximately 3 km).
  6. Turn left onto Highway 209. Drive approximately 45 km through the communities of Dilligent River, Fox River, Port Greville, Wards Brook Spencers Island, Cape d’Or, and onto Advocate Harbour.
  7. Go through Advocate Harbour and turn left onto the West Advocate Road approximately 2 km to go to Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, or continue on Highway 242 through New Salem, Apple River, Sand River, Shulie and on to Joggins and the Joggins Fossil Cliffs.
  8. Continue on Highway 242 into River Hebert where you can go to Minudie or continue on to Amherst via Highway 242, turning left at Maccan.
  9. At Nappan you can turn right onto Route 2 to go to Springhill or continue on to Amherst to reconnect to the Trans Canada Highway 104.

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are located at the very end of Main Street in Joggins.

From Moncton, New Brunswick

  1. On the Trans-Canada Highway from Moncton at exit 4, keep right onto ramp (Highway 2/Amherst/Springhill/Parrsboro)
  2. Turn right onto Highway 302 traveling through Nappan (9 km)
  3. Turn right onto Highway 242
  4. Travel to River Hebert (13 km), along Main Street, and on another 5 km to Joggins.

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are located at the very end of Main Street in Joggins.

Why not continue along the Fundy Shore? Here’s how:

  1. Once you are in Joggins, turn onto Shulie Road and drive approximately 45 km, driving through Shulie, Sand River, East Apple River and on to Apple River.
  2. In Apple River turn left to access Highway 209 (drive approximately 1km)
  3. At stop sign turn left onto Highway 209 (drive approximately 17 km)
  4. Turn right onto the West Advocate road (drive approximately 2 km). This brings you to Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.
  5. You may wish to visit lovely Advocate Harbour and the spectacular Cape d'Or or continue on Highway 242 through Advocate Harbour to turning on Highway 209.
  6. Continue on to Spencers Island, Fraserville, Wards Brook, Port Greville, Fox River, Dilligent River, taking in the wonderful vistas you'll find along the way on Highway 2 to Parrsboro.
  7. In Parrsboro, join Highway 2 to drive approximately 45 km, past Moose River, Five Islands, Economy, Bass River, Great Village and onto Masstown, where you can join Trans Canada Highway 104, near Truro.