Joggins Fossil Cliffs
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rock. Solid. History.

The Joggins Fossil Centre is closed for the remainder of the 2021 year

Beach access is still available at our location until mid-December (date to be determined), after which access from our location will be closed for the winter. Please be mindful of the tides and safety.

Guided beach tours have concluded for the 2021 season.

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The beach at Joggins showing the fossil cliffs at low tide

Where the world-famous Bay of Fundy exposes a 300-million-year-old story.

Preserved in nature, uncovered by force. Explore one of nature’s most inspiring creations, where the highest tides in the world reveal the most complete fossil record of the “Coal Age,” 100 million years before the dinosaurs. Every rock holds the possibility of discovery, and our guided tours may lead you to finding a missing piece of time’s puzzle. At Joggins, our backyard may be 300 million years old but every day is different!

The swamp forests produced massive quantities of organic matter that, over millions of years, created the coal deposits for which this period of history is named.

A group of students looking at an exposed fossil tree stump in the cliffs
A group of students looking at an exposed fossil tree stump in the cliffs.

The Joggins Fossil Centre

The Joggins Fossil Centre is situated on the reclaimed site of the Old Joggins No. 7 Coal Mine overlooking the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. The Centre provides an exceptional learning experience, featuring an extensive fossil specimen collection, exhibits, and displays depicting

  • the rich geological history of the Joggins Cliffs
  • the history of scientific discovery at Joggins
  • the history of coal mining that shaped the local community.

Fossils at Joggins

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