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Exploring for fossils on the beach is the highlight of any educational trip to Joggins
Exploring for fossils on the beach is the highlight of any educational trip to Joggins

Programs at Joggins are very hands-on and acknowledge all of the learning styles: visual, auditory and kinetic. Customize your visit by choosing from the following adventure programs (prices include tax and are per student).

Email us at or call 1 (902) 251-2727 ext. 225 to book or discuss your educational experience today.


Guided interpretive gallery tour (30 min) + Guided beach tour (30 min): $7.50.

Curriculum-oriented activities take about 30–45 minutes and range in price from $1–5/student.

For university students

45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Quadrat surveys — learn about the biodiversity of fossils at Joggins and methods for sampling and estimating density ($5/student)
  • Stratigraphic column — students will create their own column while learning about rock types, geology, and geologic principles such as: original horizontality, superposition, and faunal succession ($5/student)

For elementary students

  • Fossil casting/painting — learn how some fossils are formed by making your own to paint and bring home! ($3/student)
  • Fossil excavation — learn how to dig for fossils with our excavation kits (students take home their own excavated “fossil”) while also learning about rules for fossil hunting in Nova Scotia. ($3.50/student)
  • Scavenger hunt — learn more about why Joggins is world-famous by taking part in our interpretive gallery scavenger hunt ($1/student)
  • A Long Time! — discover the major periods in the history of Earth and how people fit into this timeline; developed by Sharon Janulaw ($1/student)

For junior high & high school students

  • Natural Selection Game — simulate the process of natural selection with this exciting board game and see what it takes for predators and prey to survive! Developed by Robert P. Gendron. ($2/student)
  • CSI: Joggins — join the Carboniferous Scene Investigation crew and learn about paleoecology and how to reconstruct past environments by looking for clues in rocks and fossils ($3/student)
  • Geological timeline exercise — take a 3.6 billion year journey through time with our hands-on exercise that teaches students how the world has changed over geological time; developed by the Atlantic Geoscience Society ($1/student)

Our Interpreters are trained in first aid and CPR.

Published: 2016-05-05