Awards & accolades

The Joggins Fossil Institute is proud to be able to boast a lengthening list of awards and accolades, which have been won for both the operational and environmental practices as well as for the Joggins Fossil Centre. Awards include:

2014 & 2015 Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor

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2010 International Green Apple Built Environment Award

The Joggins Fossil Centre won an International Green Apple Built Environment Award in June, 2010.

2008 TIANS Tourism Innovator Award

The Tourism Innovator Award recognises innovation, that enhances Nova Scotia's unique tourism product mix. This award was presented to the Joggins Fossil Cliffs by TIANS (Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia) at their annual Tourism Summit.

2008 CNTA Attraction of the Year Award

The Central Nova Tourist Association presented the Joggins Fossil Cliffs & Centre with the 2008 Attraction of the Year Award at their Annual conference in March 2009.

2007 Excellence in Collaboration

The Joggins Fossil Institute was winner of the Excellence in Collaboration award at the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development 2007 Celebrating Communities Conference.

2007 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Architecture

The Joggins Fossil Centre received the Lieutenant Governor's Award in retrospect for outstanding architectural excellence in September 2008.

Short-listed Awards

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs were also short listed for the following awards and accolades:

Published: 2016-05-05