Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Joggins Fossil Institute consists of professional and comunity-based individuals who volunteer their time to ensure that the Joggins Fossil Institute is managed professionally and relevantly.

Inquiries regarding Board Governance can be emailed to Don Trenholm.

Current Board Members

Elected Members

Don Trenholm, Chair

  • Member at large (voting)
  • Appointed: July, 2013

Dr Elisabeth Kosters

  • Member at large (voting)
  • Appointed: May, 2013
  • Chairperson, Joggins Fossil Institute Science Advisory Committee

Laura Reinsborough

  • Member at Large (Voting)
  • Appointed: November, 2015

Stephanie MacPherson (BMAHT, MTA)

  • Member at Large (voting)
  • Appointed: May, 2017

Don Fletcher

  • Member at large (voting)
  • Appointed: June, 2017

Dayle Morris-Quinn

  • Resident of Cumberland County, District 9 (Voting)
  • Appointed: May, 2017

Appointed members

Brian Fisher

  • Provincial Government, Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines

Mike McLellan

  • Municipality of the County of Cumberland

Christopher Shore

  • Provincial Government, Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
Published: 2016-05-05