Visitor Code of Conduct

The aim of the Joggins Fossil Institute (JFI) is to hold for the benefit and education of humanity a collection and a geographic site representative of the Carboniferous Period and ensure that the site and collection is conserved and safely studied and exhibited. The Joggins Fossil Cliffs provide engaging visitor experiences that inspire wonder and build an understanding of the natural world. As per JFI’s Agreement with the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage, the Institute has the authority to administer, manage, and control the protected site in accordance with the site management plan approved by the minister. As such, JFI administers the beach at Joggins, provides safety and interpretive services, conducts studies, carries out research, and promotes educational programs that emphasize the importance of conserving beaches and using the beach for recreational purposes while maintaining environmental integrity.

We have developed the following code of conduct for visitors to the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. Visitors are defined here as patrons, paid and complementary ticket holders, retail customers, media, students, volunteers, researchers, third party contractors, program attendees, public and private event participants, and any other party on the premises that is not considered “staff.”

We ask that all visitors follow the guidelines described below. JFI’s staff reserves the right to ask anyone not following the Code of Conduct to leave the premises.

Code of Conduct

Published: 2023-05-26