Beach tours

Our staff can be reached at (902) 251–2727 (extension 231), between 10 am and 5 pm daily.

Additional guided tours may be added on any given day based on demand, staff availability, and tidal conditions. This decision will be made in real time each day. The tour schedule provided online serves as an itinerary of the tours we know we can issue safely and consistently. Visitors are welcome to call our admission desk the day of a visit to inquire about possible, additional 30-minute tour departure times.

Note: a guided beach tour is not required to explore the beach. The Joggins Fossil Cliffs is publicly accessible free of charge. When exploring on your own please be mindful of our safety tips.

Packages include…

  1. A tour with one of our knowledgeable interpretative guides — choose one of the following:
  2. Full-day access to our interpretive gallery, café, and gift shop,
  3. Full-day access to the grounds and beach (weather-permitting),
  4. Full-day parking.
Joggins Fossil Centre from the labyrinth with the Bay of Fundy beyond
Joggins Fossil Centre from the labyrinth with the Bay of Fundy beyond
Fossil Gallery
Joggins Fossil Centre gallery

Come and imagine Joggins more than 300 million years ago as a tropical rain forest; engage in the story-telling with our staff; uncover and discover a selection of fossils. The experience changes daily thanks to the world’s highest and most powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Why take a guided tour?

The best way to view the cliffs is with one of our enthusiastic and knowledgable interpretative guides:

  • Our guides are aware of newly-uncovered fossils and can point out fossils you might miss on your own.
  • Our guides can take you on a short 30 minute experience that will give you a basic knowledge of why the cliffs exist and the types of fossils you can see; we also offer longer experiences where you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of the Carboniferous Period and where you will see the cliffs in their full glory…

Please email Jordan LeBlanc for details.

What does it cost to explore the beach?

There is no charge to access the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site. We only charge for museum admission/guided beach tour packages. If you wish to explore the beach on your own you are welcome to do so. Please keep in mind our safety tips.

About the guided tours

  • The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are a natural site that is subject to occasional adverse weather and tide conditions.
  • Joggins Fossil Institute (JFI) reserves the right to amend, cancel or postpone any guided experience at any time. We highly recommend that you call our bookings line at (902) 251-2727 beforehand to check that experiences are leaving at the scheduled times. The times on this schedule are the departure times only.
  • Tide times are based on tidal predictions from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Experience and tide times are based on Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT).
  • Gravel beach is accessed via steep slope and staircase, traversing large rocks and watercourses, walking for moderate/long periods.
  • All participants in a guided experience are required to ensure that they are wearing suitable clothing and footwear (no open-toed shoes).
  • Have any medication required and sufficient drinking water to maintain hydration for the duration of the walk.
  • It is recommended that children under 10 and people with limited mobility participate in The Wanderer’s Experience (easier terrain).
  • JFI reserves the right to cancel a guided experience at any time if the weather and/or tides deem the undertaking or continuation of a tour to be dangerous. An alternative date will be offered at no additional cost or a full refund will be issued.

Can I take fossils home?

  • Everyone loves looking for fossils but at Joggins, finders aren't keepers!
  • To protect the site for scientific research and provide a great experience for everyone, the law only allows you to collect fossils if you have a Heritage Research Permit (HRP). The government of Nova Scotia, not the Joggins Fossil Centre, is responsible for giving out permits.
  • To apply for a permit, you must go through the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage’s Heritage Research Permit system. If you don't have a permit, please leave the fossils in place.
  • Let us know what you have found — take a picture or show a staff member. Your discovery could make a valuable contribution to science!