The Explorer’s Experience

2020-06-26 update

Beach tours are not being offered at this time.

We are focusing on re-opening the Joggins Fossil Centre. Once the Centre is open, we will evaluate the logistics of offering guided tours.

News: Joggins Fossil Centre reopening July 1, 2020

1½-hour guided tour

Examine the finest example in the world of life in the Coal Age as it is preserved in stone in the sea cliffs of Joggins. This 1½-hour tour, led by a knowledgeable interpreter, provides the Explorer an opportunity to see into the magnificently exposed layers of rock that reveal the world's most complete fossil record of life 300 million years ago, when lush forests covered Joggins and much of the world’s tropics.

  • Moderate terrain
  • It is recommended that you call ahead or email. See below.
  • Hard hats will be provided and must be worn

Admission fees


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