The Wanderer’s Experience

Tours can be booked online, booked on-site the day of your visit, or booked over the phone. Our staff can be reached at (902) 251–2727.

Additional guided tours may be added on any given day based on demand, staff availability, and tidal conditions. This decision will be made in real time each day. The tour schedule provided online serves as an itinerary of the tours we know we can issue safely and consistently. Visitors are welcome to call our admission desk the day of a visit to inquire about possible additional 30 minute tour departure times.

½-hour guided tour

With careful observation and interpretation, the Wanderer may find their own missing piece of time’s puzzle. As you wander the beach at the spectacular Joggins Fossil Cliffs, remember that every rock holds the possibility of discovery. This experience includes access to our award-winning interpretive centre and a ½-hour guided tour of the Cliffs and/or Gallery.

  • Easy terrain for all ages
  • No reservations required

Admission fees

  • Students & seniors: $11.50 + tax
  • Adults: $12.50 + tax
  • Party of 3: $33.75 + tax
  • Party of 4: $44.00 + tax
  • Party of 5: $53.75 + tax

Departure times

The 30-minute Wanderer’s Experience departs daily, as the tides allow.

For June, July, and August, the 30-minute tours’ possible departure times include 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm — as the tides and capacity allow. Only tours booked online are guaranteed to depart; all other tours are at the discretion of staff.

Tours do not run at high tide, or up to 3 hours before or after high tide.

Questions and enquiries can be sent to


To book your tour, please