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Field excursion along the 'Classic Section'Located on the upper Bay of Fundy, home of the world's highest tides, is Joggins, Nova Scotia. This beautiful seaside community is perched above the famous Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

For more than a century, scientists have studied the cliffs and visitors from around the world have come to explore. The coastal cliffs reveal the most complete fossil record of life during Earth's "Coal Age", 300 million years ago. It is truly a site of universal value, the only place on Earth where visitors can view these rare fossils of plants and animals preserved in the Don Reid with fossilized Sigillaria in the cliffs at Jogginsplace where they lived.

Constant erosion from the Fundy tides, rising and falling up to 13 metres (42 feet) in Joggins twice daily, creates possibilities for exposing new fossils. With careful observation, visitors may find fossils on the beach that have fallen from the cliffs, or view the spectacular sandstone layers that entomb ancestors of the first dinosaurs. It is all here, at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, waiting to be discovered.