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The Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Located on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, the Joggins Fossil Cliffs are Canada’s 15th UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Image John Sibbick

These magnificently exposed layers of rock reveal the world’s most complete fossil record of life in the Coal Age when lush forests covered Joggins and much of the world's tropics, 300 million years ago.

The swamp forests produced massive quantities of organic matter that, over millions of years, created the coal deposits for which this period of history is named.

Embedded in 15 kilometres of accessible coastal cliffs, rare fossils reveal details of life in the Coal Age.

(Image by John Sibbick)

Statement of Outstanding Universal Value

The classic coastal section at Joggins, Nova Scotia, is of outstanding universal value. It contains an unrivalled fossil record preserved in its environmental context, which represents the finest example in the world of the terrestrial tropical environment and ecosystems of the Pennsylvanian Coal Age of the Earth's history.

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The Joggins Fossil Centre

Joggins Fossil Centre conceptual illustrationThe Joggins Fossil Centre is situated on the reclaimed site of the Old Joggins No. 7 Coal Mine overlooking the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. The Centre provides an exceptional learning experience, featuring an extensive fossil specimen collection, exhibits, and displays depicting

  • the rich geological history of the Joggins Cliffs
  • the history of scientific discovery at Joggins
  • the history of coal mining that shaped the local community.

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For Visitors

group on beach

Explore the magnificent Joggins Fossil Cliffs with our interpretive staff. The Cliffs will reveal rare fossils from the Coal Age — that marvelous chapter of earth’s history written 300 million years ago.

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For Teachers & Students

Beachcombing has never been as fun or educational! Every rock on the beach below the Cliffs could hold a clue to the mysteries of life 100 million years before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Look closely!

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For Researchers

Adiantites fossil

We invite you to investigate our world-class collection of the fossil biodiversity of Joggins, some of which is found nowhere else on earth.

Our lab facilities, office space, and meeting rooms are open to you.

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The Joggins Fossil Institute

people exploring the beachThe Joggins Fossil Institute is a registered charitable organisation, which was developed to aid in the promotion and development of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and to protect, conserve, present, and transmit to future generations the values of this wonderful place.

The Joggins Fossil Institute will be a world leader in communicating research (and the collections of the Province of Nova Scotia) to increase understanding of the natural diversity in the Carboniferous Period and protecting and conserving the natural fossil heritage.

The Institute also works in collaboration with other partners both within Canada and Internationally to assist other potential World Heritage Sites to progress their nomination documentation ready for presentation to UNESCO and to develop world-class facilities for visitors and research. More about the Joggins Fossil Institute >>

Contact Us

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Joggins Fossil Centre
100 Main Street
Joggins NS  B0L 1A0


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